Mission Toggle

Our company’s mission is to offer the different market segments common medium – high wines from the region with a good price-quality ratio as well as providing valuable support to our clients due to the specialization in the management of private labels.

The main objectives of the Cantine di Tufo and Terre del Principato are:

  • Enhance the production of the most suitable wine-growing areas of the Campania region by fully respecting the territory and enhancing product quality;
  • Improve production efficiency;
  • Expansion towards foreign markets due to the global growing demand of wines produced in Campania and from indigenous grapes;
  • Having product distribution channels as main references such as GDO and DO while emphasizing the HORECA channel by offering this clientele increasingly specific services and trying to satisfy the increasingly growing needs.
Management is committed to achieving and maintaining a Self-Control System (HACCP), as well as a tracking system, by allocating adequate human and material resources and periodically reviewing the effectiveness and efficiency of this system. Particular attention is directed towards internal and external company communication tools in the food security range.

Management is directed to establish, actively maintain and periodically review a business management system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 22000:2005, in accordance with national and international legislative restrictions to ensure compliance with product healthiness, environmental impact and respect for ethical principles towards the employees of the company.